1. Which payment method do we accept? 

At present we support the following payment methods: Paypal、Bitcoins Skrill . If you want pay by Paypal  please make order on website . If you want pay by other payment way, please contact us to instant helping by live chat 

2. How to buy from us? 

First choose “Your Server” ,full " kamas number" , click " BuyNow"  It is very easy. Thank you very much. 

3. How does the process of the trading do? 

After you paid, Please contact us in our chat room, We will deliver the currency as soon as possible. 

4. How long does the delivery take? 

You can get the kamas within 10 mintues after you paid. It will take at most 24 hours to deliver .if your order a large amount and we may give you some discounts. If we still can’t deliver in 24 hours, we will pay back your payment. 

5. How to sale dofus kamas to us? 

If you have large quantity in stock, Please contact our Live Help directly for further communication. For whole sellers,We supply satisfied price and long term cooperatio 

6. How to do the verification? 
  On our sites,  Paypal payment way do not need any verification, after you pay it    So it will be very very simple. 

7. Got any other problems? 
Please contact us to have instant helping by live chat or Skype:vendgold